Tuesday, July 7, 2020
OnePlus 4

OnePlus 4 to have 4K display, wireless charging

With the OnePlus 3 just released at June 2016, rumours about the upcoming OnePlus 4 are already going around. Let's see what are the...

LG G6 might forgo fast wireless charging

LG has been reported to be working on a new kind of wireless charging. With the LG G6 coming around the corner, we're hoping...
iPhone 7 leak

iPhone 7 Plus presented to have wireless charging

The iPhone 7 Plus has been gaining a whole lot of rumours lately. Some come from credible sources while others are just from the...
Pantech IM-100

Pantech Releases First Smartphone in over 20 months

Pantech has had rough times in the past few years. The South Korean company battled through bankruptcy to be bought by Optis and Solid...

iPhone 7 “Pro” Leaked Schematics

The iPhone 7 has been through a lot of rumors lately, and it’s not stopping any time soon. A Japanese magazine called Mac Fan...
DeWalt MD501

DeWalt Brings Wireless Charging to Their New Rugged Smartphone

DeWalt, known for making hardware tools, has taken the same route as Caterpillar and made their own tough smartphone. DeWalt’s smartphone has an IP68 rating...
iPhone 7

3 Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Should Have Wireless Charging

There has been a lot of rumors being made about the coming iPhone 7, and the one rumor that we’re particularly interested in, is...
LG V10

LG V10 Expected To Possess Wireless Charging Cover

LG recently released its LG V10, a fairly attention-grabbing device. It is then called phablet - a smartphone having a screen that is intermediate...