Tuesday, July 7, 2020

LG G6 will only have wireless charging for US

LG has made a decision, based on their survey, to give only the US version of the LG G6 Qi wireless charging. Although this...

Samsung’s Snarky TV Ad Against Apple’s iPhone 6s [Video]

Samsung previously trolled Apple by releasing an ad campaign that mentions what an iPhone 6s doesn’t have and duplicate some of Apple’s advertisements. The short...
iPhone 7 leak

iPhone 7 Plus presented to have wireless charging

The iPhone 7 Plus has been gaining a whole lot of rumours lately. Some come from credible sources while others are just from the...
YotaPhone 2

The AMOLED / E-Ink YotaPhone 2 Reviewed By Russian Tech Site

The YotaPhone 2 is, according to its website, the first smartphone with two fronts. On one side is an AMOLED screen and at the...

Wireless Charging Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Available

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 rushes to the markets, accessories and other peripherals are also coming along with it, one of those is the...
Galaxy S8 iPhone 8 wireless charging

Galaxy S8 Wireless Charging still better than the iPhone 8

With the new iPhones currently being distributed to excited consumers, most of them might be excited to try out wireless charging. Although wireless charging...
Moto Z mod

Moto Z Mod Wireless Charging Case

The Moto Z came out at September of 2016 featuring Moto Mods which adds various functionality to the device. After a couple of months,...
OnePlus 4

OnePlus 4 to have 4K display, wireless charging

With the OnePlus 3 just released at June 2016, rumours about the upcoming OnePlus 4 are already going around. Let's see what are the...

Top 6 Smartphones with Wireless Charging

by Daniel P. Howley, LAPTOP Staff Writer Original article The wait is over. Smartphone makers are finally adding wireless charging capabilities to their handsets. Forget about...
DeWalt MD501

DeWalt Brings Wireless Charging to Their New Rugged Smartphone

DeWalt, known for making hardware tools, has taken the same route as Caterpillar and made their own tough smartphone. DeWalt’s smartphone has an IP68 rating...