Tuesday, September 29, 2020
bikes with wireless charging

Bikes with wireless charging hit the streets of Beijing

Wireless charging has been integrated into a lot of common things. We have tables and lamps with wireless charging, and even monitors and cars....
Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless charging

New wireless charging tech from Stanford could revolutionize the standard

A professor and a graduate student from Stanford has made a way to wirelessly charge devices at around 1 meter away. Besides being able...
Logitech Powerplay

Logitech Powerplay charges your mouse with a mousepad

Logitech is known for making computer accessories, and they've made something incredible. The Logitech Powerplay removes the need to bother with batteries or taking the...
Knomo Livefree

Knomo LiveFree Backpack is the tech guy’s on-the-go bag

The Knomo LiveFree backpack has everything you need to keep all your belongings safe and organized. It also has amazing tech in it such...
Sony wireless charging patent

Sony wants every device to be a wireless charger

Sony has patented their idea in which almost every device doubles as a wireless charger. It seems like the company is planning for a...
Fusion Wireless Charging

Fusion Wireless Charging is offering Secret Perks valid only for today!

Fusion, a company well-known for their wireless charging accessories, has brought out new products on Indiegogo! The product that's currently being funded is an...
Dell 23 wireless connect monitor

Dell 23 Wireless Connect Monitor at 56% Off!

Have you been waiting for that perfect deal to upgrade your ageing desktop? Microsoft is currently offering the Dell 23 wireless connect monitor at...
Eye iPhone case

Eye iPhone case molds Android and iOS together

ESTI Inc. has brought the most functional iPhone case to Kickstarter. The Eye iPhone case offers a plethora of features to make your iPhone...
Levitating Moon Light by Coocepts

Levitating Moon Light with Wireless Charging Available in Kickstarter

Coocepts, a company that boasts of their obsession for the beauty of the moon, has made one of the most beautiful night lights. The...
Apple levitating wireless charger

Apple patents floating wireless charging technology

There have been lots of rumours with Apple and the wireless charging technology that they'll be using. Recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office...