Saturday, October 24, 2020

Volterman smart wallet brings tech and functionality together

The Volterman smart wallet is currently on Indiegogo with funds over 10 times the amount of the goal initially set! What are people seeing...
Apple iPhone

Apple’s $200 million investment hints at new wireless charging

Apple has always been the center of rumors and speculations in the tech world. Apple recently announced that they will be investing $200 million...
Samsung Fast Wireless Charger for the Galaxy S8

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger for the Galaxy S8 Available for Pre-Order

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus coming soon, Samsung is bringing out accessories to match their coming flagship. One of the devices...
Samsung fast wireless charger

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger at 50% off!

The Samsung fast wireless charger is a Qi wireless charger built for the Galaxy S6 and up devices. The charger is 1.4x faster than...
Fusion Wireless Charging

Fusion Wireless Charging is offering Secret Perks valid only for today!

Fusion, a company well-known for their wireless charging accessories, has brought out new products on Indiegogo! The product that's currently being funded is an...
Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand

Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand at 58% discount!

TechnoBuffalo is currently having a sale for their Fast Charging Qi Wireless Charging Stand! The sale is currently happening at their store for only a...

DualCase for the iPhone fixes all the problems the device has

The DualCase is an iPhone case which offers additional power, wireless charging, and two lightning ports. This case is currently out on Kickstarter with...
Eye iPhone case

Eye iPhone case molds Android and iOS together

ESTI Inc. has brought the most functional iPhone case to Kickstarter. The Eye iPhone case offers a plethora of features to make your iPhone...
RES iPhone 7

RES brings HD music and wireless charging to the iPhone 7

One gripe almost everyone has with the newest iPhone is the lack of a dedicated 3.5mm audio plug. If you want to plug your...

LG G6 will only have wireless charging for US

LG has made a decision, based on their survey, to give only the US version of the LG G6 Qi wireless charging. Although this...