Wednesday, August 12, 2020
QiPack 3

QiPack, an Incredibly Thin Wireless Portable Charger

The very sleek looking QiPack is a wireless portable charger that can charge absolutely any smartphone currently available. With its looks similar to an...

The Coming War Over Wireless Charging

  India Knicks season-ticket holders flocking to Madison Square Garden this year will participate in a corporate giveaway that will be closely watched far beyond...

3 Wireless Charging Furniture to Have

Wireless charging has grown more ground than ever before. Now that more devices are coming with wireless charging built-in, and others with accessories to...

Monster Watts WiQiQi puts wireless charging in Samsung Galaxy phones without...

Samsung already has wireless charging options for phones like the Galaxy S4, but they require a separate cover that adds a slight amount of bulk. For Monster...
iPhone 8 wireless charging

iPhone 8 leak confirms Qi wireless charging

As usual, there have been tons of rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 8. One of the most talked about feature is wireless charging. The...
Kube Clock

Kube Systems brings wireless charging to NY hotel

Hotels have been upgrading their customer services to compete with the other hotels around. We've covered HGU Hotel which is implementing the FLI Charge...
Lift Qi wireless charger

Lift Qi Levitating Wireless Charger

We just talked about a levitating wireless charger the other day. Levitation Works has brought their own similar product on Kickstarter. The Lift is...
Moto Z mod

Moto Z Mod Wireless Charging Case

The Moto Z came out at September of 2016 featuring Moto Mods which adds various functionality to the device. After a couple of months,...
ROHM Semiconductor Company

Wireless Fast Charging is Coming Soon Thanks to ROHM

ROHM, a semiconductor company originating from Kyoto, Japan, has opened the doors for 15W wireless charging for Qi enabled devices. They announced their certification...
Line Dock

Line Dock is the only tech accessory you’ll ever need

For the people out there immersed in technology, you probably bring various accessories with you such as your laptop and smartphone charger, a power...