Saturday, October 24, 2020
Air Dock 2.0

Air Dock 2.0 Comes With New Features And More Ways To...

From the people behind Air Dock, the wireless mobile device charger that you can mount on your car’s windshield comes the second version of...

Wireless Charging and Our Autonomous Electric Future

One of the biggest problems for those of us who have electric cars is charging. Chargers that drop the charging time to...

Qualcomm sells wireless charging patents to WiTricity

It's one of the worst nightmares for electric-car drivers: They go out to jump in their car,...
Mercedes wireless charging

Mercedes Announced Wireless Charging for the 2017 S550e

It was announced last month that Mercedes will be joining BMW for its push for wireless charging cars. BMW already has a working i8...
BMW i8 wireless charging car

Wireless Charging Cars, How Does It Work?

We currently can’t get our hands on wireless charging cars just yet, but Qualcomm has tried it out during the Formula E race in...

XVIDA kickstarts a Wireless Charging Mounting System

You might already know a company named XVIDA, they successfully launched the Boomerang iPad smartcase Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, raising more than $50,000....

Audiovox: Wireless Qi Charging Next Car Electronics Growth Driver

Original article by AMY GILROY Audiovox Electronics announced  it will enter the in-car wireless charging market with a dock for Qi charging. The dock plugs into the cigarette lighter and then cradles...
Conductive Wireless Charging 3

Conductive Wireless Chargers Inside Cars by JVIS

The inductive wireless charging standard is currently the one being followed for our wireless charging needs. Hearing about conductive wireless charging at this time...
Mercedes S-class plug-in hybrid

Mercedes Joins BMW in Making Wireless Charging Cars

According to Jochen Strenkert, the one working on Mercedes' hybrid powertrains, has announced that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class plug-in hybrid will be featuring a wireless...
Mountek Grip Qi

Mountek Grip Qi Brings Wireless Charging to Your Car

Mountek, famous for its now patented Grip+, has brought to Indiegogo a variation of their very much loved mounting system. Lots of car mounts being...