Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Aircharge Keyring

Review: Aircharge Keyring

Aircharge, a company well known for wireless charging products, has brought a new product to Kickstarter. The Keyring lets you charge any micro-USB and...
Line Dock

Line Dock is the only tech accessory you’ll ever need

For the people out there immersed in technology, you probably bring various accessories with you such as your laptop and smartphone charger, a power...
Lightors Genie Lamp

Lightors invents wireless charging rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries have been available for years and are great replacements for disposable batteries. They're also much better for the environment and can be...

Lotus.Qi makes the lazy pod functional

The lazy pod has revolutionised how we use our smartphones, in a somewhat lazy way. You can use it as an adjustable smartphone holder...
Mophie powerstation

Mophie announces new Powerstation with lower prices

Mophie has always made great looking products made with quality materials and great internals. You can definitely be assured of a quality product under...

Put2Go Wireless Charging Car Mount

Put2Go is a magnetic smartphone car mount with built-in Qi wireless charging. What makes this device different from all the other wireless charging car...
Lift Qi wireless charger

Lift Qi Levitating Wireless Charger

We just talked about a levitating wireless charger the other day. Levitation Works has brought their own similar product on Kickstarter. The Lift is...
Exo Charge

Exo Charge makes wireless charging on the go

Wearable technology has been on our minds even before Iron Man became known, but it's only been recent that these thoughts became reality. OPS...
tronsmart chocolate

Tronsmart Chocolate Fast Wireless Charger for $20

If you're looking for a Samsung fast wireless charger alternative, the Tronsmart Chocolate should be one of your choices. Let us see why: The Tronsmart...
Kube Clock

Kube Systems brings wireless charging to NY hotel

Hotels have been upgrading their customer services to compete with the other hotels around. We've covered HGU Hotel which is implementing the FLI Charge...