Tuesday, July 7, 2020
FLI charge

FLI Charge Inside Every Hotel Room

HGU New York, a new hotel is opening in New York City and FLI Charge is playing a huge part in their service for...

MonoCharge brings Qi and Apple Watch charging together

MonoCharge has two technologies in 3 different modular designs. It looks so simple, yet so effective. Let us take a look at what Monowear Design...

Turbot Wireless Charging Stand for less than $30

Want a nice wireless charging stand for your new Galaxy S7 without breaking the bank? Try the sleek Turbot wireless charging stand. The Turbot is...
Woodie hub

Woodie Hub makes power strips beautiful

Almost every power strip we see look exactly the same. We've seen them as a bland white strip with a row of sockets. It...

Baubax offers clothes to charge your smartphone

Have you ever imagined how convenient it would be if your smartphone would charge when you put it in your pocket? I believe I...
Pantech IM-100

Pantech Releases First Smartphone in over 20 months

Pantech has had rough times in the past few years. The South Korean company battled through bankruptcy to be bought by Optis and Solid...

Star Trek Communicator Available for Purchase

Star Trek is in the centre of each Millenial geek's heart. A Bluetooth communicator designed as the Star Trek Communicator has been made to...
Shark wireless charger

Shark Wireless Charger Makes Driving Safer

The Shark wireless charger is a very simple and straight forward product by inCarBite from California. Because of this simplicity, inCarBite can make the...
FLI charge

FLI Charge Brings New Conductive Wireless Charging

FLI Charge has just started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo a few days ago. With around 20 more days to go, they’ve already surpassed...
Designo Curve Monitor

Asus Reveals 2 New Designo Monitors

As most of us tech-loving people know, Asus has made Computex their event for showcasing their new products. Coming from the highly anticipated Zenphone...