Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Mophie iPhone 6

Mophie adds battery pack and wireless charging to the iPhone 6

Mophie, famous for making smartphone accessories, has added another version for their line of iPhone 6 and 6s cases. This award winning company has...
Mountek Grip Qi

Mountek Grip Qi Brings Wireless Charging to Your Car

Mountek, famous for its now patented Grip+, has brought to Indiegogo a variation of their very much loved mounting system. Lots of car mounts being...
Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 and Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung has had their Galaxy S7 smartphones available since March of 2016. They’re a beast of a phone that can do everything we want...

Tango Labels itself as The Best Wireless Charger Yet and We...

PowerSquare has brought their idea of the best wireless charger up in Kickstarter, and it has been getting lots of traction. The Tango is...
Mr. Everything

Mr. Everything: The Ultimate Charging Station

The Mr. Everything Team has made quite a powerhouse of a device. Currently on Kickstarter, running for a $100,000 pledge goal, it’s quite an...