Saturday, December 5, 2020

MonoCharge brings Qi and Apple Watch charging together

MonoCharge has two technologies in 3 different modular designs. It looks so simple, yet so effective. Let us take a look at what Monowear Design...

Turbot Wireless Charging Stand for less than $30

Want a nice wireless charging stand for your new Galaxy S7 without breaking the bank? Try the sleek Turbot wireless charging stand. The Turbot is...

XVIDA kickstarts a Wireless Charging Mounting System

You might already know a company named XVIDA, they successfully launched the Boomerang iPad smartcase Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, raising more than $50,000....

CES 2016: Kensington Places Wireless Charging in Laptop Riser

Kensington, famous for its lock kits used on laptops, was honored an innovation award during the 2016 CES for its SmartFit Wireless Charging Laptop...
U-Way Elevator

Review: U-Way Elevator – Qi Wireless Charging Stand UNINC-690QU

U-Way is a corporation based in Taiwan which supplies a variety of Qi TX/RX modules and they also manufacture their own Qi wireless charging...
Air Dock 2.0

Air Dock 2.0 Comes With New Features And More Ways To...

From the people behind Air Dock, the wireless mobile device charger that you can mount on your car’s windshield comes the second version of...

Swich Qi Wireless Charging Dock is Absolutely Gorgeous

Stepping out of the usual flat and rectangular design of most wireless charging pads, the Swich Qi wireless charging dock will definitely take your...
Adata CE700

Elite CE700, ADATA’s take on a Qi-enabled Wireless Charger

ADATA, famous for their line of storage and memory products, have hopped on over to making a Qi-enabled wireless charger with the Elite CE700....

ADATA CE700 Qi Wireless Charging Stand Review

  ADATA is usually associated with memory and storage and I expect products from them like the DashDrive Air AE400. When I found out that...

ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand Supports Qi Specification

ADATA is a company that is more known for making computer storage and memory products than anything else. That’s not all the company is...