Esorun Has Released 2 Types of Qi Wireless Charging Receivers for the Galaxy S4


Many consumers like their Galaxy S4 and believe they could not do without it. However, it is an entirely new story when their battery life runs low. Esorun decided to step out and lend consumers a helping hand by releasing 2 types of Qi wireless charging receivers for the Galaxy S4.

Each wireless charging receiver has:

  •     A wireless charging efficiency of over 70%
  •     2 adaptors that are both Qi compatible
  •     The current is over 700 mA


Of course, there is a difference in the two receivers, or Esorun would not have released two of them.

For the first one:


  •     It has a built-in double faced adhesive tape to fix the wireless adapter.
  •     It is a simple wireless adaptor that is compatible with Qi standard. The thickness of it is 0.7 mm.
  •     Consumers can match the 2 contacts of the adapter to S4 reserved contacts.


For the second one:


  •     The case has a cover on the front.
  •     The wireless adaptor is compatible with Qi standard.
  •     It has a plastic cover that replaces the original back cover and the leather cover up front will protect the screen of the S4.
  •     The 2 contact of the adaptor are capable of connecting to the reserved 2 contacts on the inner back.


The S4 wireless charging receiver is expected to be a big hit for years to come because consumers are constantly searching for legit ways to extend the battery life of their S4.


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