Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery pack at over 50% off!


With the Galaxy S8 coming soon, we sometimes forget about the S7 that came before it. While still being a very capable smartphone, you might want to get it an upgrade rather than shelling out for the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Battery Pack is currently available on Amazon for over 50% off!

galaxy s7 wireless charging battery pack

The normal price for the wireless charging battery is $90. Currently, it’s available for just $32, which is a $58 discount! It has 3100mAh of battery storage to top up your Galaxy S7 and wireless charging to give you more convenience. The Galaxy S7 wireless charging battery pack does add 4.3 ounces of weight to the device. Although, this is a worthy tradeoff for the functionality given. Visit the Amazon listing to get your own!


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