LG G6 might forgo fast wireless charging


LG has been reported to be working on a new kind of wireless charging. With the LG G6 coming around the corner, we’re hoping to see this in action. This kind of wireless charging is supposed to charge the device at faster speeds. The new tech is also supposed to transmit power at a distance of up to 7 centimetres or approximately 3 inches.


This type of wireless charging sounds extremely promising since it combats the frustrations people have with wireless charging. Sadly, we might not be able to see this kind of wireless charging soon since it might not be ready in time. Although it is speculated that the 2018 LG G7 might be able to flaunt this new wireless charging technology instead.

LG hasn’t confirmed any of this for their coming LG G6, so it’s best to take this with a grain of salt. As time passes, we’ll be able to know more about what features the LG G6 will have. At the moment all we know are the features it won’t have such as this new wireless charging tech and a curved display.


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