Modder adds wireless charging to Samsung Galaxy Note 2



Modder adds wireless charging to Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The Nokia Lumia 920 looks familiar.
(Credit: Luke Tan)


Fancy doing away with cables on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Well, it’s apparently quite an easy thing to do. Luke Tan, who plans to make a modding kit for sale at around S$50 if there’s enough interest, posted on Facebook that modding your smartphone is as “simple as changing your phone’s back cover”.

Tan also showed a picture of his Note 2 wirelessly charging on a Palm Touchstone Charging Kit and seems to be using parts from said kit to do the mod. Instructions for the mod likely came from this forum thread on XDA developers, which has detailed steps on how to perform the hack, but we’re guessing Tan will do all the hard work for you for a well-deserved profit.

Besides the Note 2, it seems like the Galaxy S III will also be moddable (there are wireless charging kits for sale)

Tan added that it’s likely this mod will only work on “Samsung phones at the moment” with the right contacts built-in. It’s likely that Samsung could also be making its own wireless charging cover that may appear in the near future.



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