Poqit Smart Charging Wallet can charge your phone and never be lost!


The functionality of wallets hasn’t been changed in years. We use it to hold our money, cards, and the usual things, and that’s about it. Poqit, on the other hand, does all that, and also adds some tech into the mix. Let’s find out what this slim wallet is hiding inside.Poqit Smart Charging wallet

Poqit Smart Charging Wallet

One thing people consider when getting a wallet is its looks. It has to look nice and fitting to the person. Firstly, the Poqit wallet has a very minimalistic approach. the front is clear of any distractions. There’s just a logo in the middle which indicates where you can wirelessly charge via Qi wireless charging. The wallet is available in either classic black or noble cognac.

The wallet has a built-in 2,500mAh battery for wireless charging. This should be enough to add another day for your device. Charging the smart wallet is also a breeze with Qi wireless charging. You can simply drop it on a Qi wireless charger and it’ll charge on its own. The fabric of the smart wallet also contains RFID skimming protection. This will keep personal data stored on RFID chips in cards safe.

There is also a Poqit app that you can download which can connect your phone to the wallet. The two will be connected via Bluetooth and will alarm you when your wallet is too far. What if the reverse happens? There’s a button on the wallet which will make your phone ring if ever it gets lost. You can currently get your own Poqit Smart Charging Wallet from Kickstarter for just €119 or approximately $135.

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