Samsung-branded Qi wireless charging pad stops by the FCC for a dismantling



Samsung may be trying to usurp Qi’s wireless-charging dominance, but for the moment it still has to play along with the de-facto industry standard. That’s why the company has pushed this Qi-compatible wireless charging plate onto the green baize of the FCC’s poker table, likely in preparation for a commercial release. Peel away the plastic and you’ll find a beefy arc reactor electromagnet nestled at the heart of the device — and since the Commission was kind enough to publish some pictures, we’ve thrown them into the gallery below.






  1. Samsung Is the Founder of a Wireless Power Group that is not and will not be Qi Induction Power. Do you really think a Company would put all they have put into forming and create a Inductive Charging Technology that is far Superior to what Qi can do, to just make their competitor sale more?

      • That’s a link to a Personal report on S4 will be able to charge Wireless. If any knowledge on how Wireless charge works and components of hardware and where the hardware is installed, then yes, a Person Favoring Qi and that’s all they know about wireless power, would think that the phone is Qi charging.
        Fact: the Hardware in a device that receives power thru contacts, which then is controlled and sent to battery, does not exist to be based on any kind of a Wireless Standard.

        The hardware that would require Qi or other standard of wireless charging is the Receiver Coil, either Built in the Cover or a pack with the coil in it and a set of contacts that you place on the phone’s contacts and replace back cover and you have wireless charging.

        What makes it a specific wireless Standard is and always will be the job of the Receiver built in cover if included and/or buyers decision of the Aftermarket purchase.
        So answer to your answer is, That does say anything about it being built as a Qi device. The facts that are available on the S4 are the exact Specs of the S3.
        *Galaxy S3 didn’t include Receiver Cover to use it’s Built-In Wireless Charging (would be sold Separately)
        *Galaxy S4 doesn’t include Receiver Cover to use it’s Built-In Wireless Charging (Sold Separately)
        If S4 specs are the specs in all these reports, here and any report on the S4, they are exactly the specs of the S3 (Wireless Charging Specs)

      • Hey, check out their other Samsung Report and go to the Real Report Tomato linked, it’s in Korean, so use a couple Different Translators and see How these words and facts don’t match and twisted…


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