Samsung files an interesting wireless charging patent


Samsung has been using wireless charging for their devices for a long time now. It seems that they’re now getting creative with it. Samsung files a new patent showing a different and creative way of using wireless charging. Let’s check out what new technology they’re working on.

Samsung files wireless charging patent

Samsung files a wireless charging patent

From the diagram above, we can see that a smartwatch can be wirelessly charged by placing it on top of the smartphone cover. The device in the patent looks quite similar to their line of Galaxy S and Note smartphones. The smartphone case also looks just like the regular S view covers. We can guess that this is going to be a new feature for the S view cover while being connected to the smartphone.

It’s also said that the standard being used for the device will follow what the Wireless Power Consortium has to offer. Although the Gear S2 and Gear S3 have wireless charging, we can’t charge them in the same way depicted in the diagram. The contact points are on the back of the watch which means it has to be laid flat.

Another diagram also shows that the underside of the S view cover also works as a wireless charging pad. This means that you can use your phone while it’s charging your watch. There’s still no guarantee that these will come out as an actual product. We also don’t know when if ever it does come out. Although with the idea seems so simple, we won’t be shocked if it’s ready to come out in a few months.


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