Seneo Galaxy S8 Fast Wireless Charger on sale!


Are you looking for an affordable fast Qi wireless charger for your Galaxy S8? Look no further! The Seneo Galaxy S8 fast wireless charger is currently cutting its price down to $17.83 from an original price of $39.95. Check it out on Amazon and you can avail of free shipping if you get 2 or more.

Seneo Galaxy S8 fast wireless charger

Seneo Galaxy S8 Fast Wireless Charger

Despite having Galaxy S8 in its name, the Seneo fast wireless charger will work with other Galaxy variants such as the S7, S6 Plus, and Note 5. These models can take advantage of fast Qi wireless charging. Although this will still work with other non-fast Qi-enabled devices, the charging times will be a bit slower.

The Seneo Galaxy S8 fast wireless charger has the usual phone stand design. This lets you charge your device either vertically or horizontally. With fast wireless charging, your device will be fully charged from 0% to 100% in about 2-3 hours. When your device is fully charged, the LED indicator will have a dim blue-green light. It will also stop charging to avoid overheating. Although, once your device drops to 99%, it will top-up again to ensure full capacity when you need it.

Check it out on Amazon and see what else it has to offer!


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