3 Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Should Have Wireless Charging

iPhone 7

There has been a lot of rumors being made about the coming iPhone 7, and the one rumor that we’re particularly interested in, is its wireless charging capability. We are particularly excited about it and we’ll tell you a few reasons why Apple should add wireless charging to their upcoming iPhone.

iPhone 7

1. Customers are asking for it

In a study from PRNewsWire, it cites that smartphone consumers are highly interested in wireless charging. In a survey that asked what feature they want on their next smartphone, wireless charging was first in the list with a 49% demand. The next two features were seamless voice control and facial recognition coming in at 19% each.

This shows that the people are willing to pay for this feature to be in their next smartphone. We’re sure that Apple won’t miss out on this opportunity to add a feature people have been waiting for.

2. Wireless charging is now as fast as wired charging

During the early days of wireless charging, the gripe people had with it is how slow it was charging their devices. It used to take a couple of hours for their device to fully charge compare to just over 1 hour for the normal wireless charging.

That was the past though, now wireless charging has improved to a point of being toe to toe with wired charging. Fast wireless charging has now been developed which matches the speed of wired charging. The Galaxy S7 currently touts the standard and Samsung is also selling their own fast wireless charger to match it with. Apple can definitely compete with Samsung in this aspect if they choose to feature wireless charging in their iPhone 7.

3. To compete with the others

There are already lots of smartphones offering wireless charging and Apple is missing out on it. The interest in wireless charging is growing and currently, Apple isn’t getting anything from the hype. As what we’ve talked about, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge offers wireless charging, and if the consumers want wireless charging in their device, an Apple is already off their list.

If Apple wants to continue to compete with the other smartphone manufacturers, they must offer what the consumers want and need, and make it better. A huge market will continue to be missed by Apple if wireless charging doesn’t appear in their next iPhone 7.