3 Wireless Charging Furniture to Have


Wireless charging has grown more ground than ever before. Now that more devices are coming with wireless charging built-in, and others with accessories to allow wireless charging, more wireless chargers are being made. Although there are some really great wireless chargers out there, there are some that want wireless chargers built into furniture to blend in with the surroundings. These kinds of furniture have been around for a while, and different variations have been made such as coffee tables, lamps, and night stands. Here are some companies showcasing wireless charging inside different kinds of tables and other things:



Curvilux is currently up on Indiegogo as a smart nightstand. Along with having Qi wireless charging, they’ve added tons of other features to make your life much more convenient and automated. It’s currently available for $249 on Indiegogo, so go and check it out for all the other features they have.



Wireless charging furniture gained lots of traction mainly because of Ikea’s announcement of wireless charging furniture which caught the eye of many tech enthusiasts. Now, they’re offering different kinds of furniture such as night stands, and different kinds of lamps. They also offer wireless chargers alone which are made to be embed into the furniture of your choice. This expands the customizability of Qi wireless charging to be placed in any furniture you want. Their prices start at $27.99 at the Ikea website which is just a simple wireless charger.



The styles Fonesalesman uses are very minimalist with a focus on nature. Their side table is made of hand-harvested Mao Zhu Bamboo with a Qi-enabled wireless charger built-in. The table is very sturdy while being sleek and an absolute beauty to look at. It can fit in wherever you plan on placing it. Check it out here for more information about their FurniQi line.


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