A4WP and PMA Wireless Charging Leaders Agree to Merge

PMA and A4WP merge

PMA and A4WP merge

On January 5, 2015, two of the major wireless-charging groups A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) announced that they have signed a merger which is expected to be closed in the middle of 2015. The merger’s resulting entity, (which is yet to be named), is said to “accelerate the availability and deployment of wireless technology on a global scale”, according to a press release by both groups. These two companies in wireless charging are not new to having talks with each other as they once signed papers on February 2014 to collaborate on technology.

The partnership intends to improve the global economy of wireless charging with hopes to make it a more common sight with today’s age of mobile devices. In other words, making it easier for people to gain access to wireless charging for them to be able to charge their devices wherever and whenever needed. To make this possible, this new entity aims to unify the standards of PMA and A4WP wireless charging by sharing the technological capabilities of both groups.

A4WP is an organization directed on supporting the global economy of wireless charging based on the Rezence wireless charging standard. It involves more than 140 companies including Broadcom Corporation, Gill Electronics, Intel Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., and, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Co., to mention a few.

PMA, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that has set its own standards for wireless charging and aims for global interoperability. PMA’s backers include companies like Duracell, AT&T, Flextronics Power, the US Government’s Energy Star, Powermat Technologies, and Starbucks – not to mention, PMA wireless charging pads can be experienced in selected Starbucks coffee shops.

The merger means that there is only one more group that would be following a different standard. This, being the Qi Wireless standard by the Wireless Power Consortium, which, according to Mark Hunsicker (Senior Director of A4WP and PMA member Qualcomm) during his interview with The Wall Street Journal, they are, “…ready, willing, and able…”, to have conversations with WPC to also join them. This would have all three major wireless charging standard together as one. How likely this is to happen is not yet sure though since WPC doesn’t seem to be bothered or threatened by their merge.


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