ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand Supports Qi Specification



ADATA is a company that is more known for making computer storage and memory products than anything else. That’s not all the company is about though and ADATA has trotted out a new wireless charging for smartphones and other devices that supports the Qi standard. Support for the Qi standard means that if you have a smartphone that has a case that works with Qi already, you are ready to use this stand.

The stand is called the CE700 and it has two modes of operation. In one mode it lies flat like most other wireless chargers and you simply place your device on its surface to charge. The second mode allows you to prop your device on the inductive charging surface with the CE700 standing up.

That allows you to charge your device and use it at the same time. The CE700 has a foreign object detection circuit to tell if something metallic is between the phone and charging stand. An LED indicator will alert if that happens and shows when the stand is charging or other issues are happening. When not in use, the CE700 enters power saving mode automatically. It can also connect to the USB port of a computer to charge devices. The CE700 sells for $49.99.



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