AirFuel has added 10 new members into their alliance

Airfuel Alliance

Just like the Wireless Power Consortium members for Qi wireless charging, there is also the AirFuel Alliance. They are currently one of the biggest competitors in the wireless charging realm which has just grown even bigger.

Airfuel Alliance

AirFuel Alliance

The alliance started with the merger of PMA and the AW4P groups which headed their own wireless charging system. During the Mobile World Congress, they’ve announced the 10 new members of their growing team. Namely, the companies are:

  • Bose Corporation
  • GaN Systems
  • Gengee
  • Handeholder Products Inc.
  • Huawei
  • Metaboards Ltd.
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Redpine Signals Inc.
  • Shenzhen Hongizsheng Technology Co.
  • Zonecharge WirelessPower Technology Co.

The AirFuel Alliance is typically competing with the Wireless Power Consortium. Despite this, some of their members are part of both groups to have both wireless charging standards in their devices. For now, we’ll have to wait a while for what these new members will add to the wireless charging standard.


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