Apple Secretly joins the Wireless Power Consortium

Apple wireless charging

Apple has been pretty mum about what new features the next iPhone 8 will have. But knowing that wireless charging is most likely part of it is a great step forward. There aren’t any conformations yet regarding if it will actually be in the upcoming iPhone. Although, we have found out that Apple has just joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which heads the Qi wireless charging standard.

Apple wireless charging

There has already been a lot of wireless charging cases available for the iPhones currently available. It’ll be nice to see that technology finally integrated into the device itself. Some rumours have been going around that they are researching about long-range wireless charging with Energous. Yet there’s still no confirmation regarding this speculation.

Since the company has finally decided to make an action towards wireless charging, we’re hoping to see more Qi-enabled Apple devices soon. The Apple smart watch with a modified Qi wireless charging which could be similar to what they’ll do next. We’ll have to wait for more information to find out what they have in store for us.


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