Apple checking Mediatek wireless charging tech

Apple iPhone 7 Airpods

With Apple’s recent announcement of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, people are still trying to grasp all the new features. Although the new iPhone doesn’t support Qi wireless charging, Apple hasn’t taken their eyes off it yet.

Apple iPhone 7 Airpods

Unlike other wireless charging receivers in which hold onto one standard, MediaTek decided to combine them. Apple is currently checking MediaTek’s multi-mode wireless charging receiver. It is a single coil, single IC which works on Qi, PMA and A4WP Rezence. This will let them make accessories which will work on any wireless charger following the current standards.

This will give Apple users the freedom to choose their wireless charger no matter the wireless charging standard that it follows. Although this is still in the researching stage, we could see them making accessories for its new iPhone 7 line. They could outfit their new devices with back cases and battery packs with wireless charging compatibility. Although, there’s still no further news about their wireless charging products.


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