Apple patents floating wireless charging technology

Apple levitating wireless charger

There have been lots of rumours with Apple and the wireless charging technology that they’ll be using. Recently, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent coming from the Cupertino company. The patent covered a magnetic levitation wireless charging system for their various devices.

Apple levitating wireless charger


Apple Levitating Wireless Charger

Basically, all you have to do is place your device, such as an iPhone, on top of the wireless charging pad. It will then start to float in midair while charging.

This is done by having repulsion coils and a magnetic field around the wireless charger. Space is then left in the centre for another repulsion coil which keeps the device levitated. The magnetic field is what lets power travel from the wireless charger to the levitating device.

Although this is a new device, a very similar concept has already been made last year. The company Levitation Works has made the same product for smartwatches last year which was crowdfunded in Kickstarter last year.

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  1. Cool. I just broke my iPad Air 2 power connector and have to pay $300 to have it repaired. It sure would be nice to have something like this as a backup to expensive repairs.

  2. Sounds like an expensive waste of energy to give a cool visual effect. I can understand the benefits of grabbing the phone out of thin air instead of lifting it off the pad, but one of our cats will also love the added feature as she decides it would be fun to make it spin as fast as she can before it goes sailing through the air and smacks me in the eyeball at 3:30am.

    Wireless charging is already massively inefficient due to heat generation during the induction process (that’s why they’re called “induction stovetops” when they’re on top of your oven) so wasting even more electricity by maintaining a repulsive field in addition to a coupled inductive field is just so Apple… are we sure Steve Jobs isn’t whispering this to Tim Cook in his dreams from his BMW parked in a handicapped spot without any tags?


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