Apple Rumored to have Wireless Charging iPhones in 2017

apple iPhone 6 charging

Even with 2016 just starting, rumors about Apple for 2017 has already surfaced. It is said that Apple Inc. currently has partners mainly from U.S. and Asia to progress its devices to wireless charging. This is not Qi or any other wireless charging standard though, it is said that it won’t use a wireless charging pad at all.

apple iPhone 6 charging

This kind of wireless charging Apple is currently developing would let their iPhones be charged anywhere in range of a transmitter instead of being placed on a wireless charging pad. It is also said that they are currently finding a way to overcome the loss of charging power as the distance gets bigger.

The technology that was talked about is very similar to the one Energous showed off during the CES and they did mention that a “big company in consumer technology” is helping them out. It would be quite interesting to see those two companies divulge who they’re working with.

We have also noticed a few weeks ago that someone from Broadcom which specialized in wireless charging is now working for Apple as an engineer. We believe this is also part of their plan for adding wireless charging to their coming iPhones and iPads.


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