Audiovox: Wireless Qi Charging Next Car Electronics Growth Driver



Original article by AMY GILROY

Audiovox Electronics announced  it will enter the in-car wireless charging market with a dock for Qi charging.

The dock plugs into the cigarette lighter and then cradles your phone so that it can charge as you drive, without any additional wires. And because it is wireless, the dock may be placed in numerous locations around the dash.

The device only works with phones that have built-in Qi charging, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular, said Audiovox Electronics President Tom Malone at a press conference on the eve of CES.

Qi technology is rapidly growing in adoption by the phone makers and we believe this category will drive growth in our automotive solutions over the next 5-6 years,” said Malone.

All of the wireless providers are looking at offering some Qi phones, he said, adding, “Wireless charging is in high demand.”

Soon the aftermarket will be able to offer installed Qi charging mats, that can install in various storage compartments in the car, Malone said.

The Qi Cradle is designed with optimized heat dissipation, capacitive sensing to activate charging and an LED indicator which highlights charging status. The cradle includes a slim design, automotive 12-volt adapter.  It is available either as a suction cup mount or a cup holder.

It will be available this summer at under $70 suggested retail price.

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