Baubax offers clothes to charge your smartphone


Have you ever imagined how convenient it would be if your smartphone would charge when you put it in your pocket? I believe I have, and Baubax has made it possible by making these clothes which are up on Kickstarter right now.


Baubax has made a plethora of products available for us to pledge for. On the tech side, they offer the usual Qi wireless charging pad available in either single or dual versions. Next is their Bluetooth wireless charging earphones, which comes in either a corded or cordless option. Sadly, only the corded option is available for now. The cordless Bluetooth earphones will be available for pre-orders by December 2016.


They also provide Qi-enabled wireless cases for iPhone versions 5 and up. More case versions may be available depending on how the Kickstarter campaign will go. Baubax also offers wireless charging coins for the Apple watch and any other smartwatch.

Lastly, Baubax has a 4,000mAh ultra-slim powerbank with magnetic cavities to hold the cordless Bluetooth earphones and charge them simultaneously. The powerbank powers up everything in the system, making it like the arc-reactor of Iron Man.

With all this tech, they’ve made apparels such as jackets, pants, shorts, wallets, and wristlets to intelligently integrate all this. Very thin wireless charging pads are placed in strategic places where you’d place your smartphones. You may place your smartphones in a jacket pocket or pants pocket and it will quickly charge your device. The jacket collar also offers a tiny space to charge your Bluetooth earphones.


The wireless charging coins can be slipped under the jacket sleeve and placed directly under the worn smartwatch. You can simply keep it there to charge your smartwatch while on-the-go.

With this huge number of products, Baubax has made a rather complicated way to make your pledge. Baubax has a calculator which you’ll use to choose your shipping country and the items you want. You may then send an email to yourself to remind yourself what items you pledged for. Afterwards, enter the total amount on Kickstarter to complete the pledge.


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