Wireless Power Challenge


Beyond the Phone Wireless Power Challenge

Wireless Power Transfer Solution To Go

Integrating wireless power in devices is an easy task for anyone, if they have the right tools available. On the mechanical side there are challenges, on the electronic side there are tools.

Texas Instruments and Würth Elektronik put together a plug and play solution which demonstrates the benefits of wireless power transfer. This kit can be used as a full-featured development platform right out of the box! You can immediately connect the receiver to the power management (2 wires) of your device and wireless power comes to life. The kit offers a variety of programmable parameters to set your wireless power transfer requirements.

For 330€ the “Wireless Power Transfer Solution to Go” provides the following benefits:

• Plug & Play 5W Wireless Power Transfer Demonstration

• Complete demo boards for fast integration of Wireless Power into your product design

• Meets the Qi Standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)

• Use of optimized components


“Beyond the Phone” Wireless Power Challenge


To further increase the awareness and knowledge for wireless power, element14 (Farnell) started a collaboration with Texas Instruments and Würth Elektronik aptly named “Beyond the Phone” Challenge, which is their second design competition utilizing Wireless Power.

The finalists will be given the task of incorporating wireless power into their daily lives to provide solutions which go beyond the phone and which draw the day closer, when wireless power will be embedded everywhere.

Details at http://www.element14.com/community/groups/wireless-power-solution



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