Bezalel Brings Dual-Mode Wireless Charging to the iPhone


Bezalel, a company pushing for wireless charging technology, wants to give iPhone users the freedom to use either of the main wireless charging standards. The dual-mode wireless charging case is dubbed as the Latitude, an iPhone case that lets you charge using Qi or PMA wireless charging standards.

Bezalel latitude white

Dual-mode wireless charging cases are uncommon, but one has already been made by another company, which we’ve made a review about before. Bezalel’s solution seems to be more compact and doesn’t include a chin-like part at the bottom of the case.

The Bezalel Latitude is only 10.5mm thick and leaves all buttons open for use and the earphone jack and speakers are also uncovered. The lightning port is used for charging though, but you may remove it without fully taking the case off just in case you need to use it.

You may pre-order the Latitude now at Bezalel’s site with the choice of either the black or white case. The iPhone 6/6s version is up for $50 while the iPhone 6/6s Plus version will be $60.


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