Buy Qi Wireless Chargers for Nexus 4


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Google’s LG made Nexus 4 has wireless charging feature built-in. You will need Qi compatible wireless charging mat or stand to use the wireless charging feature.

Nexus 4 joins Nokia Lumia phones offering wireless charging capability. You don’t need to plug your phone to wires any more. Just place your android Nexus 4 on the charging mat or plate to get it charged. Any Qi compatible charger can be used for charging Nexus 4 wirelessly.

1. Wireless Charging Orb for Nexus 4 by Google/LG
LG made Nexus 4 android phone is available from Google Play Store. Google may also sell Wireless Charging Orb as an accessory to Nexus 4. Full details are not available yet.

image credit: verge

2. Nokia Wireless Charging Plate
Nokia’s Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 also has wireless charging capability. You get free Wireless Charging Plate with purchase of Lumia 920. You can also buy this Qi compatible charging plate for about $50 from AT&T

3. Nokia Wireless Charging Stand
Nokia also has Nokia Wireless Charging Stand. This is Qi compatible inductive wireless charger. It costs about $70. You can get it from AT&T site.

Amazon also other Qi chargers like Energizer Qi Enabled 3 Position Inductive Charger, Powermat 2X, Palm Touchstone Charging Dock, LG Wireless Charging Pad etc. You might be able to use any of these to charge Nexus 4. If you have any of these wireless chargers, you can try them to see if they work for you.


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