CES 2016: Dell Shows Off Completely Wireless Monitor at CES

Dell wireless monitor

Dell has showed off a couple of their monitors at the 2016 CES, and 2 of these monitors have built-in wireless charging. If that sounds quite familiar, it’s because Lenovo also has their version of wireless monitors. Dell has added the PMA wireless charging standard along with the mainly adapted Qi wireless charging. So any Qi or PMA enabled device can be charged at the base of the monitor for the user’s convenience. Dell and Lenovo seem to have noticed that we always keep our smartphones with us and want it in sight at all times.

Dell wireless monitor

To add to its wireless name, Dell also added Miracast support to cast screens from either Android or Windows devices. Dell did add HDMI and USB ports just in case you really need to connect using a wire.

For the main attraction, the monitor is available in either 23 or 24-inch models with a FHD screen with a 178 degree viewing angle. The 24-inch model doesn’t have wireless charging integrated to its base though. 3 Watt speakers are also built into the monitors to forego the need for external speakers.

The 23 inch model will be available for $429 and the 24 inch at $469. These wireless monitors should be available in the US starting March 31.


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