Charge your iPhone X on the move with Avido WiBa Charging System


We know that wires suck. They’re either always too long or too short, they break easily, and they never ever stay untangled. But now it’s a new year, and what better way to start out 2018 than by cutting out wires completely from your life?

Accessories producer Avido has revealed its WiBa Wireless Power Bank and Charging Dock ahead of CES, with the Qi-compatible power bank able to wirelessly charge an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus on the move, and is capable of recharging itself via the accompanying dock.

The accessory features an internal 5.000mAh battery and a USB connection for anyone who needs (or wants) to charge their devices via cable, but the big differential here is in their wireless abilities: the charger itself functions as a compatible Qi wireless charging station able to charge the late3st iPhone and most modern Android smartphones.

More than that: the accessory itself can be recharged wirelessly through its base, which also serves as a recharging station for any device – this is the only part that needs to be plugged in. So it’s possible, for example, to make a “sandwich” on your desk, with the bottom cradle underneath, the powerbank in the middle and the smartphone on the top, the last two charging simultaneously.

The accessory also has two metal parts that can be attached to the back of your smartphone to ensure that the device always positions itself correctly through magnets, and does not slip from its smooth white surface easily. According to the manufacturer, the external battery is able to provide fast charging but it was not specified whether this feature has to do with the 7.5W charge enabled by Apple on its latest smartphones.

Avido claims that its latest product is one of the most portable power banks in existence, adding how the WiBa is only 7.62 mm thick and weighs less than 142 grams. The accessory is also equipped with four LED lights designed to indicate its charge levels by quarters. Additionally, the WiBa can also serve as a handy source of light seeing how the device ships with a built-in LED flashlight. Avido’s representatives said that they’re planning to launch the WiBa during the first quarter of the year, ideally as soon as CES wraps up. Given that announcement, it’s reasonable to expect the device will hit the market by the end of the month. It will be priced at $99.95 and everyone attending the latest iteration of CES will be able to try out the WiBa in the Las Vegas Convention Center from Thursday to Sunday, January 8th.


  1. HELP Hi I have a QI wireless charger 10000 mAh for my iPhone 8 the cable works But the Wireless dose not work what should I Do Can you Please tell me should I do should I Buy other One that works I have to take the Bus every where I go there is No 110 on the bus & can you Please Help Me????


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