The Cloud Table is the Largest Wireless Charger Ever

Cloud Table 1

Have you ever imagined having your phone charge whenever you simply place it on a table? Whether it’s at work, maybe in a library, or while eating your lunch, once that device touches the table, it would start to charge. How handy would that be? Well Studio Maks has already thought of it and made it into a reality with the Cloud Table, and it’s even better than we thought.

Cloud Table 2

The Cloud Table was made for the Ventura Lambrate exhibition space as a meeting or workspace area for its visitors. Their aim for this was to accommodate the needs of others for social interaction and exchanging information, which is quite a nice way to describe what all tables do. But this gives something else that gives it a reason to be talked about.

Cloud Table 3

Other than having wireless charging pads integrated into the table, it also has WiFi signal enhancers to give better and stronger connections to the WiFi signal. With these features hiding inside the Cloud Table, it almost makes it the table everyone should have everywhere. Although, if that would happen, it won’t be this particular table.

Cloud Table 4

Having a size of 70 m2, it’s not the type that stays in a small building or a house, but rather for big events and maybe offices. The Cloud Table is made up of poplar wood as the tabletop with thin steel legs supporting the table all throughout its interesting design. It is designed this way to accommodate different kinds of people, whether for the ones that want to be alone or for a big group. If you want to check out Studio Maks and their other designs, you may visit their webpage here. What kind of tech do you want inside your table?


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