Compower will be the only power bank you’ll need


Do you carry various accessories with you such as power banks, chargers, and other devices to keep your gadgets going through the day? The Compower can replace all of those and still give you more features! Let’s find out what they have in store for us.



The Compower is made to be able to power anything you need. In its base form, it’s a power bank with a 22,000mAh battery built in. This is the heart of the device which could charge your smartphone from 0% to 100% approximately 11 times. It has four USB ports with 2 of them for Quick Charge and the other 2 with an output of 5V and 2.1A.

On the right side of the device is a DC output which is made for charging laptops and cameras. They also include 8 types of adapters to cover your needs. If that’s not enough, there’s also an AC outlet on the side which can power any electrical appliance below 100w. Lastly, you can also hook this device up to your car for a jumpstart which removes the need to call for services.

They’re also offering a Plus version of the device which adds a USB Type-C port for charging, and also a Qi wireless charger up top. Visit them on Kickstarter and give them a pledge. For $139, you’ll get the regular Compower, although if you add another $10, it will be upgraded to the Compower Plus.


  1. I’m looking for an oem QI WIRELESS CHARGER that supports 2.1A , qi receiver for my Android Smartphone, I replaced battery as it just stopped charging, since my phone has a history of needing a new battery every 6 .onths according to other owners, i will take .y chances on wireless battery is a 35000mAh the port is type A micro usb .
    Any information on a Power Bank or Fast charging WIRELESS device ( Oem QI)that supports my phone would be great if it has self cooling device even better..


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