CorsPower 7 Offers Powerbank and External Storage In One

CorsPower 7

Have you ever felt that your smartphone storage sometimes just isn’t enough? You might be going on a long trip and want to bring bundles of your favourite movies, music, and TV shows. Although, watching all those will drain your phone’s battery life. The CorsPower 7 covers all those problems with one simple product.

CorsPower 7

CorsPower 7

The CorsPower 7 is mainly a power bank at heart. It can charge 3 devices simultaneously, one through the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 USB port, another through the normal USB port, and lastly with Qi wireless charging. Powering the device inside is a 10,000mAh Li-Polymer battery from LG with a nano-ceramic coating. It has protection for short circuits, over voltage, over current, over charge, over discharge, and overheating.

Other than being a power bank, the CorsPower 7 also acts as an external storage for up to 256GB. You can expand the storage by simply inserting a microSD card into the power bank. To access your files, you simply have to connect your device to the power bank. You’ll be able to charge and access all your files at the same time.

Pledges for the CorsPower 7 starts at HK$300 or approximately US$38, which already comes with 32GB of storage inside. Check out Kickstarter for more details and see the other packages available.



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