Dell Joins WPC to support Qi Wireless Charging

Dell wireless monitor

Dell WPC member

Qi wireless charging, currently the leading wireless charging standard, has added a new member to its team. Dell Inc. has joined the Wireless Power Consortium to help push Qi as the universal wireless charging standard for all battery powered devices. Currently, there are 235 WPC members giving support for Qi and are implementing the technology into their own products.

This is probably the reason why they’ve added a Qi (and PMA) wireless charging into their new monitors at CES 2016. Dell’s new monitor is now added to over 940 products with Qi wireless built inside. Along with Dell as a WPC member are Samsung, Ikea, Asus, and Qualcomm. With Qi-enabled products ranging from smartphones to automobiles, the WPC members are only expected to continually grow.


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