DIY Qi Wireless Charging Nightstand (cheap, quick and easy) [Video]



Youtube’s user lobbamobba shows us a quick and easy do it your self project to convert a Hemnes IKEA nightstand to support Qi wireless charging.

From the video’s description:

“Charge your Nexus 4, Lumia 920, or any other device that supports Qi on top of your night stand. It only took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to build using some cheap tools.
You could use almost any type of night stand but this one is from IKEA and therefore sold world wide and it comes in many colors.
There are a number of methods to do this but I wanted to keep it as simple and quick as possible.
You can take it to the next level by just carving around the charger and then drill a hole for the cable to run through.
If you don’t want to place it like I did so that it is supported by the bottom part of the nightstand just put a peace of sheet metal or something to hold it up instead.”



  1. Showing a Tool, Sharp Tool, being Used Incorrectly is always a Bad Idea. Esp if you don’t even make a Safety note. These tools can remove a Finger and Stab into the arm with Ease…..


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