Drone has no battery but can fly forever


Drones usually have a flying time of a little over 20 minutes on a single charge. As much as a drone is great for taking amazing videos, the small battery life is usually a downer. The people at the Imperial College of London has taken a step towards mobile wireless charging.

In concept, the flying drone can technically fly for a long period of time as long as it’s within the range of the wireless charging base. The prototype is promising since it opens the technology to charging moving devices. It could be the first step to making a wireless charging base where devices in the same room would start to charge.

Currently, the drone can only fly at about 5 inches off the wireless charging base before losing its connection. Once the connection is cut, the drone will just suddenly stop, since it doesn’t have a battery.

If you’re interested in learning the technical aspects of this, you may check the research paper that’s available online. It’s quite technical and is hard to fully grasp, but if you can take the complicated terms in, go right ahead and educate yourself.


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