Electric Cars Industry Agrees on a Wireless Charging Standard

electric cars

As wireless charging electric cars are starting to spread out, it’s a good decision to make a standard at the beginning for manufacturers to follow. This will help with interoperability and makes it much easier for the consumer. We may be able to see this technology come out in just a couple of years.

electric cars

Jesse Schneider, the chairman of the taskforce said, “Charging your vehicle should be as simple as parking it and walking away—and wireless charging with SAE J2954 enables that freedom and convenience to do this automatically”. With this in mind, the members of the taskforce have agreed on the specifications for the SAE J2954 Test Station. This test station will be used by automakers as a basis for their wireless charging systems. This will be manufacturers the freedom to explore various designs that still fall under this standard, assuring interoperability with other manufacturers.

The final standard is said to be published in 2018. By this time, they’ll be having a fully working electric car prototype for testing purposes.


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