Energous makes a 15-foot ranged wireless charging called WattUp

wattup energous

Wireless charging today is quite an amazing feat, being able to charge your devices without any wires is definitely a step forward from the traditional charging. Although this is great technology that we have available, there’s some improvements we can make for it.

wattup energous

One problem users have with wireless charging today is the fact that it is merely near-field technology. Our devices need to be a few millimeters away from the charging pad. Having this limitation to wireless charging, it diverts people away from it. Energous saw this problem and gave the solution everyone has been wanting.

Energous has made a wireless charging system named “WattUp” which has a charging radius of 15 feet. The transmitter will be just about the size of a wireless router. Instead of magnetic induction, radio frequencies will be used to charge the devices.

With the WattUp, it won’t be having a 360 degree coverage with a 15 foot radius, instead the transmitter will create small 3D RF pockets that will cover a diameter of 4 inches around the device that is being charged.
Energous’ WattUp can charge devices faster the closer it is to the transmitter.

The wattage will be as what follows:

0 – 5 feet = 16W

5 – 10 feet = 8W

10 – 15 feet = 4W

The power transmitted will also be split among the devices being charged. For example, if there are 4 devices in the 0 – 5 feet range, each will be receiving 4W of power from the 16W output of the transmitter. Our devices now are being charged at an average of 10W, using the WattUp with our devices will be alright, despite the slower charge the further we get. The WattUp is also limited to charging 24 devices at the same time.

Energous’ vision for the WattUp is to have it in the appliances we have inside our homes such as TVs or refrigerators. The receiver will only be a 1 x 1 mm chip that can be placed inside the devices.

Energous is expecting to have the first products to have this kind of technology out in the market by  Q4 2015 or Q1 2016. Hopefully this will get through the market and change the way wireless charging is now.


  1. This is the only wire-free charging product so far that has gotten my attention. I’m anxious for this to hit the market so I can install it throughout my entire house. And my office. And my car.


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