Energous Shows True Wireless Charging Is Coming with WattUp

Energous Wattup 2
Photo Courtesy of Engadget.com

Energous has been making the technology for true wireless charging for a while now. During the 2015 CES, they showed off their WattUp wireless charger that can reach devices up to 15 feet away. They did say that they planned for this to be on the shelves by the end of 2015, sadly it’s already 2016 and we still don’t have this inside our house. It hasn’t come out yet since there aren’t any devices available for the WattUp to charge.

Energous Wattup
Photo Courtesy of Engadget.com

The technology is already available, and all that’s needed is for it to be implemented into the future devices to come. For that to happen, Energous has made their technology cheaper and smaller, 3 x 3 millimeters small. That’s enough to fit inside wearables such as a Fitbit and Pebble. Speaking of the Fitbit, they demonstrated how their technology works by putting it inside a Fitbit. Having the Fitbit around 6-inches away from the WattUp charging hub, the Fitbit was charging with the same power a wired charger would send out.

Energous also brought out a USB dongle to replace the router like WattUp they showed last year. This USB dongle was the one used to test out their 3 x 3 mm receiver, and it works pretty well. They also mentioned that the cost of applying this technology is similar to the cost of the normal plug-in charger we’re using now.

Energous Wattup 2
Photo Courtesy of Engadget.com

With this technology already out there and working, we’re simply waiting for it to be shipping inside our future devices. Good thing that Energous has connected itself with a big company in consumer technology which they’re not naming. They could be the bridge Energous needs to bring their technology to the consumers.

When this will come out though is still vague, but we can assume that it will be available by this year.


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