Energysquare, The New Type of Wireless Charging


A company originating from France has made their own version of wireless charging tech. Energysquare is in need of funding for mass production, and what better way is there than to start a Kickstarter campaign?


Energysquare has applied the same principle as Qi wireless charging, in which you place your phone on top of a pad, then it will start charging. They’ve adapted this concept and found ways to improve it. Although the action made to charge the device is the same as qi wireless charging, the technology used inside is completely different.

Instead of transferring power wirelessly through a magnetic field, Energysquare transfers it through the squares on the charging pad to the contact points on the device’s back.

All your device needs is a receiver as small as a shredded piece of paper plugged into your device’s charging port. It can then stick to the back of the device and act as a receiver for the charging pad.


There are two contact points on the receiver, measured to have enough distance to have each contact touch a different square no matter what. This is to differentiate the positive and negative charge needed. Once everything is in place, your device will instantly start charging.

Now you may ask what difference does this make with qi wireless charging? Well, you can charge multiple devices on a single pad! As long as you can find a way for it to fit on the pad, your device will charge.


It’s a great idea and if it gains traction, it could be seen in more products in the future. We are quite excited to try this new technology out and see how well it works. Would you have any suggestions on what else they may be able to improve on?

Energysquare is currently eyeing on a €30,000 goal, and with €25,000 already and 27 days to spare, they’ll surely be able to reach their goal. If you’re interested in what Energysquare is offering or you just want to try out how well this works, head on to their Kickstarter page and give them a pledge.


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