Evoni, Ikea’s Competitor in Wireless Charging Furniture



Ikea has helped to bring wireless charging in the light by announcing their wireless charging integrated in furniture such as lamps and tables. Thanks to Ikea, more people are getting interested in Qi wireless charging. Although they have helped greatly in getting more people engaged, some products from other manufacturers offering similar products have been ignored. Evoni Design also has a line of wireless charging furniture, the shocking thing is that they’ve had it since April of 2014! A whole year before Ikea even started theirs.


Evoni Design offers two types of tables with wireless charging embedded on the surface. Their line of wireless charging furniture is called Chill & Charge Tables, which clearly says what they are trying to achieve with these wireless charging tables. Simply to relax during the moment while being able to charge your phone.

The first of their Chill & Charge Tables is a small side table which is great to have next to a living room couch or as a bed side table. It has a round flat surface with three legs keeping it up, and it’s all made of wood. There’s one black wireless charging pad right in the middle of the table for any wireless charging capable device.


Their next Chill & Charge table is a coffee table which stands a bit lower than their side table option. It has a much larger surface and supports two wireless charging pads placed on both sides of the coffee table. The same kind of materials are used for both the tables which are available in walnut, grey ash, elm, oak, and wenge. If you are interested and want more information regarding Evoni Design’s Chill & Charge tables, you can visit their website here.


  1. I really like this evolution. I’ve bought an IKEA wireless charging table, looks and works great.
    Now the next step would be including “wireless wireless” furniture, for instances for use in restaurants or coffee shops. There would be a large battery in the table that could charge phones all day long. After closing hours the staff can then pull some cables and “charge the furniture” for the next day. Now that would be very nice!


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