Exo Charge makes wireless charging on the go

Exo Charge

Wearable technology has been on our minds even before Iron Man became known, but it’s only been recent that these thoughts became reality. OPS power systems was started by two engineering students along with their teacher. They envisioned an easier way to keep our mobile devices charged. After a few months, they came up with the Exo Charge.

Exo Charge

The Exo Charge is a wireless, wearable powerbank. It is made to be lightweight and flexible while powering your device. The device is made to also be magnetic, letting it stick to their other products such as an arm band or a backpack. Their current market is for ones who are actively moving. People that are going out to jog, bike, or workout will find this device handy.

How the Exo Charge works is pretty simple. You attach it to the back of a Qi-enabled device and it will start charging it. Although, the products that come with it makes it more functional.

The armband, for instance, lets you slip your smartphone in and it will start to charge. You might be out hiking, and you may slip your phone into the backpack strap to keep it powered. The reach of the Exo Charge depends on which other accessories you’ll pair with it.

Exo Charge

The battery that lies inside could be a downer for some. It packs a 2,400mAh battery, which is smaller than most smartphone batteries currently out in the market. The usual battery capacity is a little over 3,000mAh. But for getting a few extra hours of the day, that should be enough.

The current Qi technology it’s using is the older version which has a maximum output of 5W. This is half the power of the current fast wireless chargers which are at 10W.

For the flexibility and portability, the Exo Charge should cover your workout needs. Although if you’re going out of town for a while, you might need a little more juice to power up your device.

Visit their Kickstarter campaign and see what else they have to offer. A pledge of $75 already gives you a number of their products to use. Go check them out!


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