Fake Qi Wireless Chargers, Beware!

Fake Qi wireless chargers

Menno Treffers, The Chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium said, ““We’ve been lucky, there’s nothing yet that I’m aware of that’s caused a fire or sent people to the hospital. The safety record is excellent but I’m worried about the potential or the consumer getting a bad experience, with 50 million chargers out there it’s certainly something.” With millions of Qi wireless chargers being sold, figuring out which are real and fake Qi wireless chargers can be very difficult to the consumer.

Fake Qi wireless chargers

A few methods have been offered to make fake Qi wireless chargers easier to spot. First was to include a certain logo on Qi-certified products. Although, it would still be quite easy for manufacturers to simply copy the logo onto their own products. Another suggested method was to include a URL or QR code to the packaging which will lead the customer to an official safety certificate. Although, just like the previous suggestion, this too can also be copied.

With all of these fake Qi wireless chargers available in shops and online stores such as Amazon and Alibaba, what can you suggest to make it easy for the consumer to distinguish the products?


  1. can’t it be programmed to flash a brief ‘authentic’ image on screen? I suppose this would require the cooperation of the phone manufacturers; if it keeps a phone from exploding, why would they not?


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