FLI Charge Brings New Conductive Wireless Charging

FLI charge

FLI Charge has just started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo a few days ago. With around 20 more days to go, they’ve already surpassed their goal of $100,000 with a backing of $160,000 from 1,300 backers as of this moment. Let’s find out what all these people are so excited about.

The FLI Charge is a conductive wireless charging solution, which means it uses full contact instead of a magnetic field which is called inductive wireless charging. Qi wireless uses an inductive solution by making a magnetic field with coils for the receiver and transmitter to exchange power. Conductive wireless charging completes a circuit by having contact points on the device to touch the pad which then transfers power.

FLI Charge offers 4 different devices which cover the needs of each customer. Let’s go by them one at a time.

FLI charge

Firstly, the wireless charging pad itself, the FLI way 40. It’s a sleek and thin rectangular pad with metal strips to detect the receiver and charge the device. It has the power cord hidden at the bottom and a blue light indicator up front which signals when in use. What’s great about this is that you can charge as much as you can fit on the pad. As long as all the contact points are touching the metal strips on the FLI way 40, it will charge.



Speaking of the contact points, what exactly are they? All their receivers have these contact points for charging. Firstly, is their FLI case which is currently available for the iPhone 6 and 6s family, and the Galaxy S6 and S7, including their edge counterparts. The back of the case has the contact points in the middle which looks quite sleek. It has a two-piece design to easily remove it from the phone and has all the open space needed for ports and speakers. It does seem a bit bulky from the pictures, but hopefully, it won’t add lots of weight on the device.

How about for the ones without an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6/7 you say? Well FLI thought of it ahead of time and made a universal option. The FLI cube is a receiver which has a USB port covering either 1 or 2.4 amp needs. The contacts are also magnetised to have the cube stay put and the venting is nicely placed around the logo up top. It only has 1 USB port, though it would be quite nice if there were multiple ports on it.

Lastly, the FLI coin is similar to the FLI cube in functionality, except for it has a micro-USB plug to directly charge your compatible device. It’s shaped like a coin and is much thinner than the cube, available in either white or black.

FLI charge is currently offering a $99 early bird FLI pack which consists of one of each device they have. If you have no use for the FLI case, you can switch out for 2 FLI cubes. It’s a pretty neat deal so go and check out their Indiegogo campaign for other info and offers!


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