FLI Charge Inside Every Hotel Room

FLI charge

HGU New York, a new hotel is opening in New York City and FLI Charge is playing a huge part in their service for the coming customers. We’ve checked FLI Charge before, and we saw it as a great, versatile piece of technology.  It’s a conductive wireless charger with a number of different charging options.

FLI charge

The FLI Charge covers almost all smartphones and it can charge multiple devices at once. It’s a perfect device for places where people keep a number of devices laying around. For the traveller staying in a hotel, this is the perfect device to keep all your devices charged.

They are still having their crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, but they’ve already doubled their goal of $100,000. Knowing that the FLI Charge will definitely become a retail product, HGU New York took the opportunity to purchase enough to fill up their hotel rooms. You may visit the hotel at 34 E. 23nd St. and see what they have to offer for accommodation.


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