Galaxy S7 and Fast Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has had their Galaxy S7 smartphones available since March of 2016. They’re a beast of a phone that can do everything we want our phones to do. But what good can it do if your battery runs out throughout your hectic day?

Samsung Galaxy S7

The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is great and could last us throughout our day with moderate use. What we’re interested in here though are the charging options available for the Galaxy S7.

One gripe everyone has had with wireless charging is how slow it would take to fully charge our phones. WPC has listened to your complaints and has made Qi wireless charging 1.4x faster, which equals the speed of wired charging. The Galaxy S7 can be fully charged in around 90 minutes, fast wireless charging can now do the same thing!

Wireless charging is being pushed by these companies because the technology holds so much promise for the future. If we have no more need for ports in our phones, waterproofed smartphones would start to be a norm. This is one big step towards that future.

For fast wireless charging to work, be sure to use the right wireless charger along with the right receiver on the phone. Qi wireless charging is backwards compatible, but to get the best out of it, you must have updated hardware.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger

For the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the perfect fast wireless charger would be their own Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charger available in Samsung’s site here. Its price is at $59.99 but is currently on sale at $52.99, saving you $7.

This wireless charger can charge all Qi-enabled smartphones such as the Google Nexus phones and the past Galaxy S6 and S5. To get the most out of it, be sure to also have a device that has fast Qi wireless charging built-in for you to charge your devices quickly.



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